Why use it?

    - Have you ever thought of providing your potential customer the opportunity to visit your business, Get to know its products, its installations, its developments, as if he were present, visualizing every detail, from all angles and interacting with the environments shown?
    - Ever thought about taking your business to many clients simultaneously, anytime and from anywhere with internet access?

What is it?

    The Interactive tour 360 is a high-quality resource and a technology of image, which allows visualization, from any device with internet access, indoor and outside spaces, interactively, with sensation of being in the place visited.
    It is formed from several pictures 360 connected so as to enable navigation between environments, and each photo comprises according to the choice of the User, all angles of the environment.

Who is it for?

    Companies and institutions from various sectors, who wish to provide visitors to their
web sites or in their multimedia projects, immersive images of their environments.

Types of Tour

    We offer two types of interactive tour 360 - fotográfic and virtual, different as the origin of the images, and equal in operation, with possible combination of the two types in an external tour.
    Interactive photographic tour: it is developed from photographs made with high-quality equipment, of the place to be displayed;
    Interactive virtual tour: it is developed from design and specifications of the client, with computer graphics capabilities in order to reproduce the reality of what turns out to be.


    Compatibility with existing operating systems and browsers enables its visualization in the most popular products in the market, such as laptops, tablets, smartphones and basically all types of computers.

How do we work?

    Contact - we seek to understand the client's needs, and propose a solution;
    Project / Budget - from the proposed solution, we set design for the work and present a quotation;
    Data collection: photos and information - we conducted photos 360, or modeled projects to be viewed and take note of the information to be added.
    Mounting/Preview - from the data collected, we plan the tour and submit to the approval of the client;
    Finalization - from customer observations, we do alterations and adjustments, and finish the job.

    If a picture is worth a thousand words, an interactive tour 360 worth a thousand pictures. It provides detailed visual information to your client far beyond of simple texts or pictures can provide.
    Using the technology of interactive 360 tour you can effectively communicate with your potential customer, all the qualities of their environment, whether trade, industry, tourism, services or property.